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Ultimate Braai Master

Ultimate Braai Master Episode 4 Sneak Preview! “We came here for the money, don’t worry about them.”

Ultimate Braai Master Episode 4 looks like it will be an action packed episode and someone finally admits as to why they are there, to win the money!

In the fourth leg of the battle to win the title of South Africa’s first ever Ultimate Braai Master, the eleven remaining teams travel to the Hout Bay Harbour, on the coast of Cape Town. The cold Benguela and the warm Agulhas currents makes this ocean one of the richest fishing grounds in the country. The Braai masters have to leave their team mates behind as they go out to sea to get their first taste of catching snoek.

Some braai masters fight more with their sea sickness than with actual fish, and others excel on the water with one person winning the reward for catching the first snoek. After a couple of hours of hand lining, the exhausted braai masters travel back to the harbour to reunite with their braai buddies, but they have to go directly into their next challenge: Snoek Braai.

gal-power-fishingGal Power get to do something new every episode, this time they go fishing and make a catch!

greg-gilowey-karl-tessendorf-boatFor some reason Greg and Karl appear to have there hands tied behind their backs and look as though they’re heading off to Prison Island! Will it be four for four for Rust n Dust or will they finally avoid an elimination challenge?

While some teams have never braai’d snoek before, other teams are tired and stressed after a long day and the cracks start to show. By sunset, it’s the end of a trying day, and three teams are sent into the elimination challenge.

The following day the three teams facing elimination travel to Mzolis in the heart of Gugulethu, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town. After a dramatic face-off in front of the Wall of Fire, one team’s road trip comes to an end.

episode-4-ultimate-braai-master-frank-dunnFrank Dunn takes strain out at sea and is looking a little worse for wear.

billy-stanley-frank-dunn-ultiimate-braai-masterFinally some action, Billy Stanley takes Frank Dunn on, “I wasn’t impressed with that move…”. Billy isn’t keeping his head down any more!

The show has been picking up tempo with each passing episode but one thing that has been missing has been the personal confrontations.

We had a glimpse in UBM Episode One between Greg Gilowey and Tinus Els and then in UBM Episode Three between Oscar and Roger but no real flare ups.

It looks like we will see some action in UBM Episode Four between Frank Dunn and Billy Stanley in a scene where one of the contestants is finally honest about why they are there when Clare Walker says, “We came here for the money, don’t worry about them.”


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