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Thai Red Curry Roast Chicken Recipe

This Red Thai Curry Roast Chicken Recipe will spice things up around the braai or the dinner table.

Use a local Red Thai Curry Paste and some Chilli Sauce if you like a little extra bite.

If you are going to braai or barbecue this chicken, use the indirect cooking method and keep the temperature at an even keel 200°C during the cooking process.

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Thai Red Curry Roast Chicken Recipe | Aussi Griller

Serving: 4-6 | Prep: 10 min | Cooking: 75 min

Whole Chicken 1
For the Marinade
Red Thai Curry Paste 3 tablespoons
Chilli Sauce 2 tablespoons
Liquid Chicken Stock 1 cup
For the Serving Sauce
Thai Red Curry Paste 3 tablespoons
Coconut Milk 1 cup

For the Marinade
1 . Mix together the Red Thai Chilli Paste, Chilli Sauce and liquid chicken stock
2 . Place the chicken in a sealable container and pour over with the marinade
3 . Leave overnight

1 . On a braai use the indirect cooking method at 200°C for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the size of the chicken
2 . In the oven, preheat to 200°C and a similar amount of time.

For the Sauce
1 . Add a little oil to a frying pan on medium heat
2 . Add 3 tablespoons of Red Thai Chilli Paste and cook through for a minute
3 . Add 1 cup of coconut milk and simmer for about 5 minutes on low heat.
4 . Serve with your choice of sides.


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