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Tensions Rise! Ultimate Braai Master Episode Two Sneak Preview

Clashing Ultimate Braai Master personalities can only lead to one thing… tension!

After Green Feet’s road trip came to an end last week, 14 braai teams left the Orange River and travelled to the seaside town of Lambert’s Bay, situated on the West Coast of South Africa, about 280km north of Cape Town.

Often referred to as the diamond of the West Coast because of its white beaches, wild life and rock lobsters, Lambert’s Bay marks the destination for the 2nd leg of the Ultimate Braai Master.

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episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-lamberts-bay-boatLambert’s Bay is a small town along one of South Africa’s more desolate coastlines.

After enjoying a lunch of typical West Coast fare at one of South Africa’s top outdoor seafood restaurants, teams are split into two groups of seven teams.

The challenge?

They have only two hours to replicate the entire menu on the braai.

One team proves that planning, preparation and teamwork might just be the secret ingredient to winning the title, while the other team is less focused and tensions start to rise.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-roger-harris-elaine-ensor-smithTENSION! Roger Harris gives Elaine Ensor-Smith some grief.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-frank-dunnTENSION! Frank Dunn complains about too many cooks.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-barry-davis-roxanne-van-bredaTENSION! Barry Davis forgets to scale the hake… daughter and Braai Master Roxanne van Breda is not impressed.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-barry-davis-roxanne-van-breda-musselsIn an action packed episode the contestants head out onto the rocks, looking for mussels no doubt!

Watch the Ultimate Braai Master Episode Two promo… No spoilers!


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