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Beef Wellington Recipe | Gordon Ramsay

This Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington Recipe is a timeless classic and the fiery Scot adds his own irresistible touch. It is not entirely clear as to where the name “Beef Wellington” originates. The natural leaning would be to Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, the man who famously spanked Napoleon’s bottom on the battlefield…

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Duck Breast Recipe with Gooseberry Sauce | Gordon Ramsay

Cooking duck at home is a rare event so when you do you want it to be perfect so we recommend this Gordon Ramsay Duck Breast with Gooseberry Sauce Recipe In this recipe we are using regular chicken stock but if you want you can cook up a brown stock. A neat little tip for…

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Fillet Steak Recipe with Mushroom Gratin | Gordon Ramsay

A Fillet Steak Recipe with Mushroom Gratin from Gordon Ramsay for you to enjoy for dinner tonight. Steak lovers rejoice, here is a great Gordon Ramsay beef fillet steak with mushroom gratin recipe for sprucing up you steak be it on the braai or in the kitchen. There are a few handy tips from Gordon…