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Team Challenge MasterChef SA Ep 7 2012

MasterChef SA favourite Samantha Nolan guides Blue Team to victory in SAS Amatola challenge.

Deena Naidoo wasted no time in making Samantha Nolan his first pick for the team challenge on board the SAS Amatola in Simonstown. The second MasterChef SA team challenge saw the contestants cooking in the ships galley for 100 hungry sailors. Deena Naidoo and Thys Hattingh having been given the captains armbands after winning the…

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MasterChef SA Recipe Video | Deena Naidoo | The SAS Amatola Challenge

Deena Naidoo chats about how he led the Blue Team to victory in the SAS Amatola challenge on MasterChef SA His master stroke was picking Samantha Nolan first who brought with her a Fried Chicken recipe that was perfect for the sailors on board the SAS Amatola. For the full recipe go to MasterChef SA…

Deena Naidoo Taste Test MasterChef SA Ep 6 2012 2 0

Deena Naidoo fights back after MasterChef taste test humiliation!

Deena Naidoo bravely fights back to win the round after humiliating opening sequence. In every man’s life their are words that he wishes he had never spoken, quite often these are words said in anger and even more often something to do with his wife or girlfriends choice of clothes. In Deena Naidoo’s case those…

Deena Naidoo Master Builder Kitchen 1 2 0

Deena Naidoo MasterChef or MasterBuilder? The kitchen that Deena built!

Deena Naidoo proves he is not only handy in the kitchen but building them too. The MasterChef contestant has been impressing viewers and the judges with his culinary talents over the past few weeks on MasterChef South Africa. It would appear his talents are not restricted simply to working in a kitchen but building them…

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Deena Naidoo | MasterChef SA | Video Profile

Deena Naidoo, one of the elders in the competition at 45 years old, is from Durban and is an IT Specialist Deena is an easygoing guy who can seemingly cook just about anything. He has a great knowledge of the technical side of cooking and can remember making his first meal when he was just…