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Shannon Smuts sets the MasterChef SA kitchen on fire…. literally.

In a rather dramatic end to the days proceedings Shannon Smuts, a 28 year old graphic artist from Cape Town, managed to set her dishcloth alight while telling the judges where she hopes to go with her MasterChef experience.

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Shannon’s dishcloth catches alight and Andrew questions whether her MasterChef dream has gone up in smoke

Andrew Atkinson had asked her the question, “where do you want to go with this MasterChef experience” and while she was graphically giving a response with her hands flailing around in grand gestures Benny Masekwameng had to interrupt and and point out that the “thing” was alight.

While we were all on the edge of our seats waiting for, or should I say hoping for a big flare up, after a little more flailing about she plopped it into the sink and that was the end of that.

In true Gourmet Guys style, Andrew quipped,

I hope that’s not your Masterchef dream going up in flames there.

Quick to respond Shannon said, “It was just something to add a little spice.”.

The flare up did detract a little from what it was that Shannon was saying however which is worth repeating,

Everywhere I can, I want a cookbook, I want a TV show, I want to educate people on great food and to just, I don’t know, share with the world that it’s not that difficult to cook amazingly great, delicious food.


You could here the crunch as each judge tasted Shannons samoosas.

When they finally got round to the food, she prepared a Thai masseman spice parcel with a peanut dipping sauce (more commonly known as samoosas), Shannon got mixed reviews from the judges.

Benny was first up followed by Andrew and Pete and on each occasion you could here the crunch as they bit into each parcel.


A delighted Shannon gives Andrew a nice big hug. He looks a little taken aback.

While Benny liked the crunchy pastry, Pete was not sold on it feeling that there was too much of it.

It was left to Andrew to decide her fate saying,

Shannon, you need two yesses to get through
The pastry was very very crisp all the way round and your paste was spot on for me. It was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was heightened with that satay sauce, it’s absolutely brilliant get up her and get that apron, well done.

Shannon was delighted and it was hugs all round, even for Pete despite him saying no.

There are two morals to this story, the first is don’t distract people while they are in the kitchen cooking in front of an open flame and the second is always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

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Have you ever set something on fire in the kitchen?

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