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Seline van der Wat | MasterChef SA Profile


AGE: 25
CITY: Pretoria
OCCUPATION: Renewable Energy Plant Developer

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Beautiful Seline van der Wat is an industrial engineer working in renewable energy and hydro power development.

She took over the cooking duties in her family at the age of 16 when her mother passed away.

My mother died when I was young so I took over our cooking responsibilities in the family quite early.

Seline loves desserts and cakes and is a visually creative cook, always tackling her dishes from a uniquely creative angle.

In episode one while enduring eye ball stares from judges Benny, Pete and Andrew she revealed how she tends to look at food from a creative perspective and always plans ahead as to how the dish will be plated.

All three judges gave Seline a tough time with each eye balling her as if to say… I thought you said you could cook?

Who has the most intimidating eye ball stare?

She’s made it through to the Top 16 of MasterChef SA with one of her best friends, sister Leandri van der Wat who also made it through to the finals and despite being very competitive when it comes to cooking, they both hope the other one wins!

Being able to share this with my sister is something that not a lot of people get to do.

It’s a lot more fun to have someone to share it with. I’m very grateful.

Seline not only posses intellect, stunning beauty and maturity but is a very caring and loving person too, talking about her sisters, there is a third, she said:

My sisters are the people I know will always have my back and they are the people I would fight to the end of the earth for.

She powered through the hot audition round preparing a “Doublet of Prawns” consisting of prawn croquettes with rosemary & thyme salt and some sweet and sour prawns.


Seline’s doublet of prawns in the episode one hot audition

Next up was bootcamp where Seline overcame the Mielie Challenge and the Big Breakfast to earn her apron and a place in the MasterChef SA kitchen in Paarl along with her sister and 14 other MasterChef challengers.

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