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Team ‘Rust n Dust’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

Greg Gilowey and Karl Tessendorf of Team ‘Rust n Dust’ prove that persistence pays off by auditioning three times for Ultimate Braai Master before making the cut.

‘Braai Master’ Greg Gilowey is a man with the gift of the gab and we have no doubt that it was his attention grabbing personality that convinced Justin Bonello to personally invite them to the Sun City auditions for a third attempt at making the final cut for Ultimate Braai Master.

Greg and his Braai Buddy, Karl Tessendorf failed at the Wild Coast and they failed in Cape Town but they made sure that they repaid Justin’s generosity by serving up a meal that was worthy of a place in the last 15 of this uniquely South African culinary competition.

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ultimate-braai-master-rust-n-dust-greg-gilowey-karl-tessendorfBraai Buddy, Karl Tessendorf and Ultimate Braai Master host Justin Bonello listen while ‘Rust n Dust’ Braai Master, Greg Gilowey does all the talking

ultimate-braai-master-rust-n-dust-greg-giloweyJustin Bonello cracks up while Greg Giloway ‘tunes’ him saying, “I don’t think you want to put us on the show. We’ve had too much practice, it’s unfair on everyone else.”

ultimate-braai-master-rust-n-dust-6432kmTeam ‘Rust n Dust’ travelled 6432km of what they claim was ‘blood, sweat and braais’ to make it into the final 15 of Ultimate Braai Master. They have another 8000km to travel if they are to win the competition.

All the travelling they had to endure to make it to their third audition worked in their favour though as they were able to plate up with a variety of dishes that represented the regions they had visited on their journey.

Greg said, “It’s been an amazing few weeks, it’s been crazy.”

“Now we’ve got different meals.”

“We got basically (the) best from Kwa-Zulu Natal, best from Caoe Town, best from Jo’burg.”

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From KZN they did a Roostekoek Bunny Chow with chicken & pineapple kebabs and the curry sauce in the bunny for dipping.

Representing the Cape they had a Yellowtail (which they claim was swimming the day before) with grape relish which Greg brilliantly described as “a bit of a line and wine vibe.”

For Gauteng they did an Egoli Roly Poly, a skilpadjie with feta, strawberries and a “red wine, onion vibe”.

Skilpadjie is traditional South African dish of lamb’s liver wrapped in kidney membrane.

The liver is minced together with chopped coriander, chopped onion, Worcestershire sauce and a little seasoning, rolled into balls, wrapped in the membrane and cooked on the braai until crisp.

Finally ‘Rust n Dust’ went with a ‘Sun City’ dessert, honey bread with white Lindt chocolate, honeycomb and a cherry because “you’re in a casino, you’ve got to have a cherry”.

After putting it all together Greg said, “I’m running on gees, I’ve got marinade coming out of my ears.”

He is bound to keep us and his competitors entertained during the show.

ultimate-braai-master-rust-n-dust-bunny-chowFrom left to right, representing the regions ‘Rust n Dust’ travelled, the Egoli Roly Poly, KZN Roostekoek Bunny Chow and Cape Yellowtail

ultimate-braai-master-rust-n-dust-honey-breadThe ‘Sun City’ Honey Bread dessert with the casino cherry’s

Braai Buddy, Karl Tessendorf did not get much of an opportunity to speak (watch the video to understand why) and unless they get him on his own during the filming of Ultimate Braai Master we are unlikely to ever hear him speak.

Greg wrapped everything up pretty well though saying, “Braaing. It’s South African, it’s the whole of South Africa. It’s beautiful, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Poetry in motion?

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The ‘Rust n Dust’ UBM bio says that Greg and Karl entered The Ultimate Braai Master because where some people love running, and others love crosswords, they love to braai.

If they win, they’ll split the cash.

Greg wants to take his family on holiday in the Transkei and Karl wants to give his fiancé the wedding she deserves.

The list of things that scare them about the trip includes cold fires, warm beer, salad, dirty underwear and old socks.

‘Rust n Dust’ Team Mantra: “You can’t fight the flow”

So go with it…?

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