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Prince Harry’s new wine, Royal Blush features a naked Harry on the label.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas does not apply to royalty as Prince Harry now has a special edition French Rose, “Royal Blush” to add to his memorabilia.

English merchant Sheldon’s Wines has launched “Royal Blush,” a 2011 French rosé, which bears artist Dan Lacey’s painting of Prince Harry making a bare bottomed trick shot on a snooker table as its label.

Sheldon’s Wines described this special edition French rose wine as uncomplicated and easy drinking, hitting the spot every time.

“Vinified from the local Tannat grape variety, harvested fully ripe in October, Royal Blush is a vivid pale strawberry pink with aromas of crushed red berries, laced with an exotic twist. On the palate instantly appealing soft berry flavours mingle with a smooth, yet textural finish to make this an uncomplicated, easy drinking fresh and fruity dry rose of real character.”



Royal Blush retails for £7.50 online

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