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Oscar Foulkes and Leartes Melidonis display great leadership on Ultimate Braai Master!

Oscar Foulkes (Hout Cuisine) and Laertes Melidonis (Who Dares Wins) step up to the plate and set the leadership bar on Ultimate Braai Master

It was a tough challenge on Ultimate Braai Master Episode Two.

After a long paddle down the Orange River in Episode One and a tiring drive to Lambert’s Bay, the Braai Masters had a restaurant menu to replicate in harsh weather conditions, windy, cold and wet.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-muisbosskerm-weatherThe weather was a shocker on the West Coast the day Ultimate Braai Master rolled into town.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-greg-gilowey-justin-bonello-frank-dunnThe two elimination challenge survivors from episode one, Greg Gilowey and Frank Dunn take instructions from Justin Bonello before they begin to select the teams for the Muisbosskerm menu replication challenge.

The Braai Master’s were split into two teams with the two surviving Braai Masters from the Ultimate Braai Master Episode One elimination challenge picking the teams, Greg Gilowey and Frank Dunn.

Once that was done the groups set about picking their team leaders and both were looking for someone with experience with fish.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-laertes-melidonis-greg-gilowey-team-leaderGreg Gilowey chats to Laertes “Tubby” Melidonis, urging him to take on the role of team leader.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-team-leaderThe moment Oscar Foulkes had been waiting for, he is selected as team leader and ready to grab the opportunity with both hands.

Coming from the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast with ample experience with fish, Laertes was quickly chosen as a leader, with a little urging on by Greg Gilowey.

This was a little surprising at first as Billy Stanley was also in the group and as he was to later prove, is a “Jedi Knight” when it comes to seafood.

This might be because the group was suspicious of his leadership abilities or because he is a Braai Buddy and not a Braai Master, that honour goes to Ronel Theron for the Stoned Olives.

Laertes was confident about assuming the role saying, “Fish is my speciality and I’m very happy to lead a bunch of people that is confident with me in every department.”

He set out by delegating people to specific tasks but not before asking everyone what there strengths were so that he could allocate accordingly and then made sure that everybody was happy with their tasks,

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-laertes-melidonis-time-starts-nowSynchronise watches! Laertes managed his team with precision.

The other team for the day chose the ever eager Oscar Foulkes who looked particularly chuffed at being selected by his peers to lead them through the challenge.

He said, “The thing about Braai Master is that no one’s ever seen a series, we don’t know what the rules are maybe there’s more hardship to come but the spirit is there to override it.”

Oscar’s team delegation meeting did not appear to be as structured as Laertes’ but he got the job done.

One thing is clear, both team leaders marshalled their troops well and were constantly on the move organizing and making decisions, especially Oscar who had to make provision for the Barry Davis hake mishap and could often be heard shouting out how much time was left.

Oscar said during a break from his marshalling, “For the first time this week there’s a bit of a buzz going between people.” His leadership efforts no doubt contributed to that as he kept everyone focused.

He continued, “There’s pressure but I’ve got a fantastic team, really amazing guys… and girls.”

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At the end of the contest there was little to separate the two teams and a draw was called.

Justin Bonello said, “Bothe of you organised your teams brilliantly and the team work was superb.”

Bertus Basson added, “Tubby (Laertes), I can see that you’ve braaied fish a million times mate.”

“Well done for working together and doing a cracker job.”

Marthinus Ferreira reserved his compliments for Oscar saying, “I was amazed how well you led your team today.”

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-team-talkOscar doesn’t look like he’ll ever let an opportunity to give a speech pass him by and he grabs this one with both hands.

Due to the draw each team leader was asked to select one person who was invaluable to them during the task.

Laertes picked out Billy Stanley (Stoned Olives) while Oscar, after a long drawn out speech,  picked Warwick Thomas (Fat Cow)

The rest of the Braai Masters faced the elimination challenge which was eventually lost by Popeye and Olive and Green Okes, two teams went home.

So despite great leadership and organisation by the team leaders in tough conditions, all of their charges, bar the lieutenants, were sent over the top and into an elimination challenge. Sounds a bit like WW I?

The only question that still remains is whether Oscar Foulkes’ reputation will be ruined on Ultimate Braai Master?


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