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Ultimate Braai Master

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO!!! Oscar Foulkes hurls overboard during Ultimate Braai Master Snoek Challenge

Oscar Foulkes takes strain out at sea and feeds the fish!

episode-4-ultimate-braai-master-oscar-foulkes-pukeWhile the show producers focused primarily on Frank Dunn as the land lubber he was not the only one as proved by this photo of Oscar feeding the fish while out at sea catching snoek.

Frank Dunn was not the only person battling to keep breakfast down while filming episode four of Ultimate Braai Master.

An exclusive photo acquired by Gourmet Guys shows Oscar Foulkes hurling overboard too.

Oscar told Gourmet Guys, “You know how we talk about someone being a ‘designated driver’ … well, last night Frank seemed to be the ‘designated seasick person’, who was shown to be in a state of distress at various times.”

“A whole bunch of us were sick. In fact, I got sick over the side where the diver with camera was in pole position to capture it (I was convinced that footage would be in the show – was potentially quite a ‘money shot’).”

episode-4-ultimate-braai-master-frank-dunn-going-to-seaFrank Dunn’s face says it all when he hears the news that he’s going to sea. He knew what was coming his way!

episode-4-ultimate-braai-master-frank-dunnNot having fun as Frank attempts to deal with his sea sickness.

The one man who feels most at home out at sea is Billy Stanley but unfortunately for him this trip was reserved from Braai Masters only as his partner Ronel Theron headed out to do the fishing.

Billy quickly got to work handing our tips to Ronel but that was about all he could do as he was left behind to sip on a cold drink while the others took up the challenge.

episode-4-ultimate-braai-master-billy-stanley-left-behindBilly Stanley was a very jealous man, he was convinced that he should have been the one to go to sea.


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