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High maintenance Oscar Foulkes concerned his reputation will be ruined on Ultimate Braai Master

“Hout Cuisine” Braai Master Oscar Foulkes placed himself firmly in the bad books before Ultimate Braai Master even began shooting.

It did not take long for Oscar Foulkes to begin troubling the producers of Justin Bonello’s hit bound TV Show Ultimate Braai Master.

He writes on his blog, Oscar’s Pleasure that he began harassing them before they even set off on the 8 000km journey around South Africa and then came to the sudden realisation that turning the people that control the camera’s and the editing are not the ones he should be antagonising.

ultimate-braai-master-hout-cuisine-oscar-foulkes-high-maintenanceHigh maintenance Oscar Foulkes with his brother Christopher.

It all began once Oscar and his brother Christopher made it into the final 15 of Ultimate Braai Master and Oscar became concerned about balancing his work commitments while making this epic journey.

In order to keep on working during the show he needed to have stuff couriered through to him but naturally would have no idea where he was going to be nor was he allowed to tell anyone where he was.

Special arrangements had to be made for all his goodies to be delivered to him via the producers courier company.

By his own admission he realised that he was now going to be flagged as high maintenance and in true victim style this translated into  “candidate for early elimination”.

One would think that any normal person would stop there, given the fact that they are on a once in a lifetime journey, but not Oscar.

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He decided that bringing his work with him was not enough, he also wanted to bring his bike on the journey and enquired as to whether the cars they would be travelling in had tow bars upon which he could hook up his bike rack.

Experiencing the great outdoors on a bike while filming a TV show with 29 other people on a very tight schedule seemed to resonate with Oscar and to support his case suggested that he be provided with a G Pro Camera which could be used to film ancillary material of the terrain surrounding their trip.

The producers gave him a short, sharp “No” to which Oscar did not respond well and got very emotional about the matter.

The producers still said no and since the first emotional outburst did not work Oscar decided to up the ante by becoming even more emotional and hysterical insisting that he should be allowed to bring his bike with him.

Eventually a different person managed to calm him down and make him understand that this was not an overland safari but a television show and he changed states from emotionally hysterical to just plain grumpy.

An early exit from Ultimate Braai Master is definitely on the cards for Oscar Foulkes and “Hout Cuisine”.

We hope that in the interests of good television the Oscar rant was filmed and will be shown.

To hell with his reputation!

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