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Meat scandal products from major South African supermarkets found to be correctly labelled

A News 24 investigation into the recent donkey meat scandal in South Africa has returned some pleasing results for consumers.

Samples of meat products from various retailers were tested in a genetics lab including boerewors, mince, hamburger patties and sausages from Pick’n Pay, Woolworths, Shoprite and Spar.

The results show that the Namakwa Boerewors and Beef Burgers from Pick n Pay, Beef Mince and Beef Bangers from Woolworths, Chakalaka Boerewors and Beef Burgers from Spar were all labelled correctly according to the testing that was done.

In all cases the label was fairly consistent with the actual contents of the product.

The Shoprite Championship Boerewors and Beef Hamburgers contained traces of beef and pork but that was largely consistent with the label on the packaging.

Enterprise French Polony and I&J Beef Patties were also tested and both products were accurate in their labelling.

While this study does provide some comfort to consumers more details of the initial study done by the University of Stellenbosch need to be released, specifically the details pertaining to the brands that were tested and the names of the retailers that sold those products.

Without that information the South African consumers continue to remain at risk.

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