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MasterChef SA Recipe Video | Lungile Nhlanhla | Pig Tails with Chakalaka

Lungile wows the judges with her MasterChef SA Recipe, Pig Tails with Chakalaka

Lungile Nhlanhla showed why she is a MasterChef finalist and wowed the judges with this Pig Tail with Chakalaka and Ugeqe recipe.

She showed South Africa exactly what she is capable of as the talented young fashion graduate made the most of a bad situation in the pork pressure challenge with her pig tails recipe.

What really made Lungile’s recipe rock was the Ugege (steamed bread) which made the whole dish a finger licking experience which would strike at Benny Masekwamang’s heart as he announced to Lungile that he is “that kind of man” and his dinner had been served.

This really was a stunning victory for Lungile who had not been rated highly by her fellow Red Team contestants and has never been an early pick in the team challenges.

For the full recipe go to: MasterChef SA Recipes | Lungile: Pork Tails with Chakalaka and uGeqe

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