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Shane Warne tweets picture of fiancée, sexy Liz Hurley, rolling dough

Liz Hurley proves she is just like every other woman at home in the kitchen.

A dressed down Liz Hurley, apart from the rock on her finger, was busy making Tortilla’s for dinner when fiancée, Aussie spin magician, Shane Warne snapped this photograph and shared it with the world on Twitter saying,

“@ElizabethHurley Now on the rolling pin making tortilla’s for our tandoori chicken Made from scratch too, impressive x”

What is really impressive is how sexy she looks with the flour dusted hands and that sultry I’d like to roll your pin look.


Liz Hurly at home in the kitchen rolling her dough for her Tortilla and Chicken Tandoori recipe

The couple got engaged last September and Liz appears to have settled down quite well to family life with Shane.

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