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Jody Scheckter’s organic beer is banned because the label was designed by his son

Jody Scheckter, South Africa’s 1979 F1 World Champion gets his organic beer pulled from supermarket shelves


Supermarkets in the UK have been told to stop selling the organic beer by the influential watchdog the Portman Group because of his son’s drawing on the label.

They believe that the label might encourage young children to drink.

Jody who began producing organic food and drinks at his Laverstoke Park Farm in the UK 10 years ago said that he used the drawing because the smiling farmer is supposed to be him, drawn by his now 19 year old son when he was four.

The farmer appears on a range of Jody’s organic retail items, including his beef, lamb & chicken products and his ice-cream, fudge and apple juice range.

Jody started Laverstoke Farm when he retired from racing saying that he always loved food and keeping fit and when he retired he wanted to grow the best tasting healthiest food for himself.

It all got out of hand though, he now manages a 4500 hectare commercial farm.

All organic!

laverstoke-natural ice cream








Naturally Jody’s response was that the decision was “PC gone mad”.

What do you think? Will that label encourage children to drink?

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