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Jody Scheckter talks about his passion for food and Laverstoke Farm

The former F1 World Champion lives a life more in tune with nature nowadays, a stark contrast from the time he was burning rubber on the worlds racing circuits.

When he retired Jody Scheckter set out to produce the best tasting healthiest food and for this he realised that he had to follow nature very strictly with two main keys, the first being to farm slow growing animals & plants and the second that biodiversity is the key to a natural environment.

The decision to farm organically was due to the need for healthy soil and only organic farming can produce this.

He has a saying, “healthy soil is healthy grass, healthy animals, healthy meat & milk and healthy people.”

He produces a range of organic products on Laverstoke Park that include ice-cream, milk, chocolate, beef, lamb, chicken and an organic ale which has stirred some controversy over the label.

When it came to producing Mozzarella he went to Italy with the challenge to produce better Mozzarella than they do.

He purchased his equipment from a factory next door to Ferrari, so being a former Ferrari World Champion he was looked after very well.

He believes that his Mozzarella is better than the Italians because his dairy herd stay outside much longer while in Italy they are mainly inside.

He is very proud of being a farmer as anyone who watches the video will realise but his real motivation is doing it better than anyone else and constantly researches practices around the world with the aim of improving upon them.

He wants to make his products tastier and better than everyone else’s.

Once a South African, always a South African!

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