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Jamie Oliver is the worlds richest chef, now worth over £150 million

Some may be calling Jamie Oliver fat but his wallet is even fatter.

The man leading the Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver is now the 501st richest person in the world according to the 2012 Sunday Times Rich List. His £150 million fortune leaves his fellow celebrity chefs peeling onions in the scullery.

The 36 year old father of four has amassed his fortune through cook books, TV Shows and a growing international restaurant empire. His chain of 30 ‘Jamie’s Italian’ restaurants is worth an estimated £110 million. That figure is set to sky rocket even further with the launch of the restaurant chain in the United States.


Jamie at the opening of ‘Jamie’s Italian’ in Nottingham

The television shows which include the recent Channel Four, Jamie’s Great Britain, are produced by his own production company and shown in over 40 countries.

His cook books have topped the best seller charts 30 times with his latest offering Jamie’s Great Britain entering the charts at number one. He is the UK’s best selling author nudging Harry Potter’s JK Rowling into second place.


Jamie’s Great Britain went straight to the top of the best seller charts

Jamie came under fire in Australia recently when he called an Australian journalist a “bitch” after she question him about his weight. With a £150 million net worth he need not let this worry him too much.

He is currently promoting the Jamie Oliver Foundation and the Food Revolution which aim to inspire people to reconnect with food. raise awareness, individual responsibility and resuscitate dying food cultures around the world.

His fellow celebrity chefs pale in comparison with Gordon Ramsay, who often refers to Jamie as being nothing more than a cook, reportedly worth £76 million.

Things have not moved on much for Ramsay since 2006 when he was the richest chef in the world, worth £63 million.

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