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MasterChef SA Recipe Video | Ilse Fourie and Manisha Naidu | Tripe (Ulusu) and Phutu Pap Video

Ilse and Manisha cruise through the iconic dish replication test.

At first the two ladies jaws dropped when faced with this Tripe (Ulusu) and Phutu Pap recipe from Eziko in Langa.

Manisha had to put on her glasses to take another look to make sure she was seeing what she thought she saw.

They then set about showing us all exactly why they are MasterChef contenders by replicating a dish that they had never eaten before and not likely to ever again.

The full recipe is available at MasterChef SA Recipes | Ilse and Manisha: Tripe (Ulusu) and Phutu Pap

For the original recipe go to MasterChef SA Eziko, Langa: Tripe (Ulusu) and Phutu Pap recipe.

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