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Guy Clark reveals prosthetic leg fetish on MasterChef SA

Guy Clark chucks out first attempt because it tastes like a prosthetic leg.

The man from Cape Town said that he had to chuck out his first attempt due to it tasting like the inside of a prosthetic leg. This raises a lot more questions than answers. How on earth does Guy know what the inside of a prosthetic leg tastes like? What on earth could he possibly have been doing, did he tell the casting agents about this fetish and if he did how on earth could they have allowed him on the show?

Detached prosthetic leg

It has not been an easy journey thus far for Guy who has been living on the edge. In episode two the judges left him out there chopping onions for a very long time.He was the last man to make it through to the next stage of MasterChef boot camp.

While recounting his ordeal he said he was saying to himself “not like this, not like this, not on the first challenge of all things.”

When there were three spots left he began to really feel the pressure, “it was getting tense” he said.

Then it was down to just two places and finally one, but he never gave up and his name was called, he was through.

Guy said, “it was so magical, I felt it in my head, in my stomach, I went nuts”.

The next phase of boot camp was the egg challenge and Guy was a bit stumped at first saying “what the hell are we going to do with all these eggs?” He kept on thinking about his close call with the onions and how he only got through by the skin of his teeth so was feeling the pressure. He need not have worried though as he got through the egg whisking challenge without incident and went on to the third stage, potatoes. He made a simple potato medallions with smoked salmon, avocado, Parmesan, Mascarpone,and Dijon mustard recipe which was enough to please the judges and keep on going in the competition.

Despite the initial prosthetic leg setback and incredible time pressures, Guy impressed the judges with his braai recipe. Judge Andrew Atkinson liked the “sweetness of his peppers, they just burst in my mouth”, (that’s going on the innuendo list).

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