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Gordon Ramsay sued by former employees for mistreating them. World is shocked!!!

In a move that that has taken everybody around the world by surprise, former employees of Gordon Ramsay are suing him.

Former employees of The Fat Cow in Los Angeles, Jennifer Becerra, Montinique Dever, Andrea Bourke and Lauren Benge say that they were not properly compensated for overtime hours and were forced to work through meal times and other breaks.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Class Action Lawsuit Against Gordon Ramsay

During the Class Period, Defendants have:
(1) required Class Members to work through their meal and rest periods without paying compensation for missed meal and rest breaks;
(2) failed to pay Class Members minimum wages for all hours worked;
(3) failed to pay Class Members premium compensation for all overtime hours worked;
(4) failed to pay Class Members all wages due at termination and/or resignation;
(5) failed to maintain and provide Class Members with proper documentation concerning their hours worked and their compensation;
(6) converted the property of the Class Members; and (7) committed unfair business practices in an effort to increase profits and to gain an unfair business advantages at the expense of the Class Members and the public.

A spokesperson for Ramsay told Radar Online, “we are aware there was a problem with [The Fat Cow's] previous management which has since been changed, but this is totally unacceptable if any truth to it.”

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