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Gal Power strong down the final straight! Break away from the pack to win by a length on Ultimate Braai Master

When the going gets tough, the tough get going as Gal Power prove their worth on Ultimate Braai Master.

It is always going to be tough for a “Wild Card” pick in any competition. Your fellow contestants look down on you and the viewers are suspicious as to your ability and question whether you should really be there.

The Gal Power team of Sindi Manthata (Braai Master) and Lethu Ncengwa (Braai Buddy) got to work in Episode Two of Ultimate Braai Master to dispel any notions anyone may have as to their worth on Ultimate Braai  Master.

The sisters entered Ultimate Braai Master because they fell in love with the idea of travelling for 52 days, braaing and learning new things along the way and learn they did as they faced braaing challenges on the West Coast of South Africa that they had never experienced before.

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episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-sindi-crayfishSindi Manthata was the first to step up to the plate for her first encounter with crayfish. A reluctant Lethu hesitates in the background.

Oysters, crayfish and mussels, foods that may as well have come from Mars were to present Sindi and Lethu with their first opportunity to exhibit their natural culinary talent..

Sindi said, “On this journey we’re learning a lot.”

Lethu agreed adding, “We are learning everything, everything is new to us,” ”

“It’s a journey, learning a lot… you don’t get crayfish in Soweto.”


Lethu Ncengwa took a while to pluck up the courage and just as she was getting comfortable with the crayfish in her hand… it moved!

Through no fault of their own they ended up in the elimination challenge along with nine other teams in Lambert’s Bay, where two teams had to replicate the Muisbosskerm restaurant’s menu

After spending a night recuperating at the Table Bay hotel in Cape Town the Braai Masters headed off to Scarborough for the elimination challenge which was to present Gal Power with one of their most challenging tasks yet.

The teams were in a mussel pot cook off and neither Sindi nor Lethu had ever cooked mussels in their lives before, never mind take a stroll down to the beach to collect them from the rocks.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-lethu-sindi-handsThe two Soweto girls had never cooked mussels before.

Sindi then revealed the most telling fact about themselves and no doubt one of the reasons why Pick n Pay picked them as the Wild Card Team when she said, “When you’ve never done something and you’re doing it for the first time and you put you’re heart and mind into it, you always come out tops.”

“So we’re hoping for that to happen today.”

Mussels Recipes

They decided to use Italian influences in creating their dish using parsley, tomatoes and onions.

The judges, particularly Marthinus Ferreira was astounded by their inventiveness when faced with something they had never really seen or cooked before.

He was even more impressed with their “gees” (spirit) and the positive impact they were having on the group as a whole.

He said, “I thought it was one of the best dishes”.

“They showed intuition and gees, I’m blown away!”

“That was a good, simple dish done really well.”

Gal Power are Wild Cards no more, they are contenders!

Show sponsors, Pick n Pay, are very smug today.

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