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Samantha Nolan’s Fish Cake Journey is a must try recipe.

Samantha Nolan presented the MasterChef judges with this Cape Malay Prawns with Salmon and Dill Recipe in episode one of MasterChef SA.

Now all of us are in agreement that this is a pretty neat recipe for a couple of reasons.

Firstly we like the Apricot jam which is a South African staple and feels as though it has been around almost as long as there have been settlers in the Cape. What is even more unique about apricot jam in South Africa is that you can still buy it in a tin. Not many countries in the world sell their jam in tins any more. Samantha also warmed the jam up in order to loosen it up a bit before mixing in the chilli, that is a neat little trick for everyone to learn from.

Secondly she made her own mayonnaise recipe and as many chefs will tell you emulsification is one of the most important cooking techniques you can teach yourself. We highly recommend that you try out this Fish Cake Journey of Salmon and Dill, Cape Malay and Asian Prawn Fish Cakes by Samantha Nolan, not only because of the little tricks you will learn but because it’s also damn delicious.

For Samantha Nolan’s MasterChef journey go to Samantha Nolan | MasterChef SA
For the full recipe go to Fish Cake Journey – Salmon and Dill, Cape Malay and Asian Prawn Fish Cakes

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