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Fillet Steak Recipe with Moroccan Dukkah Spice | Reuben Riffel

Reuben Riffel shares a Moroccan Dukkah Crusted Fillet Steak recipe with us, revealing a great way to add some serious flavour to your steak.

Cooking steaks, be it in the kitchen or on the braai is something that South Africans are very good at.

Reuben introduces some North African flavour to this South African standard with a dukkah spice comprising of toasted aniseed, coriander, cumin and sesame seeds. These combined with some mint and barbecue spice make for a great way to coat your fillet steak before popping it onto the braai or griddle pan.

You can also use the dukkah spice mix as a side and dip some crusty bread or fresh vegetables into it along with some olive oil.

Manage the spice quantities according to how many steaks you are planning to make.

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Fillet Steak Recipe with Moroccan Dukkah Spice | Reuben Riffel |

Serving: 6 | Prep: 10 min | Cooking: 10 min

Aniseed 2-3 tablespoons
Coriander Seeds 2-3 tablespoons
White Sesame Seeds 2-3 tablespoons
Black Peppercorns 2 tablespoons
Cumin Seeds 1 tablespoons
Hazelnuts a handful
Fillet Steaks
Olive Oil
Barbecue Spice
Dried Mint

1 . Toast the spices and hazelnuts in a dry pan
2 . When the aroma begins to fill the kitchen they will be ready.
3 . Transfer to a pestle and mortar
4 . Add barbecue spice and dried mint.
5 . Lightly grind, keep it coarse
6 . Slice the fillet steaks to a 2 finger thickness
7 . Brush the fillet steaks with olive oil
8 . Coat the meat with the dukkah spice mix
9 . Cook in a dry pan for about 2-3 minutes each way.

Tips for cooking steak:
1 . Remove your fillet steak from the fridge at least 20 minutes before you want to cook it, to allow it to get to room temperature. This will help keep your meat nice and tender.
2 . Pat the steak with kitchen paper to remove any excess moisture, if the meat is wet, when you put it on the heat, that water will vaporise and form a barrier between the steak and the heat source. This will prevent inhibit caramelisation from where you get a lot of your flavour.
3 . Rub a little sunflower or vegetable oil onto the steak, olive oil burns at too low a temperature.
4 . Get your pan really hot before adding your steak.
5 . Always allow your steak to rest for 5 minutes before serving

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