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Leg of Lamb on the Braai Recipe | Dhruv Baker

Dhruv Baker shares his Leg of Lamb Braai Recipe and shares some tips for butterflying a leg of lamb.

You don’t need a whole lamb on the spit, you can serve up a leg of lamb and get pretty much the same results, if not better.

A succulent flavourful meal served with potato bake and all the other traditional lamb on the spit sides.

What would you do to this recipe to give it a more local flavour?

Leg of Lamb Braai Recipe | Dhruv Baker

Serving: 8 | Prep: 120 min | Cooking: 45 min

Leg of Lamb 1
Salt couple pinches
Lemons 1.5
Ras El Hanout
Olive Oil

1 . Butterfly the leg of lamb
2 . Starting with the shank slice along the bone up to the hip bone, taking it out.
3 . Butterfly the thick end to get an even thickness for even cooking
4 . Season with salt
5 . Spoon on you spice mix, Dhruv is using Ras El Hanout
6 . Squeeze over some lemon juice
7 . Drizzle over with olive oil, massage it all in
8 . Marinade for a few hours
9 . Cook on the braai to your liking, time is a guideline


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