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Come Dine SA Episode Three Wrap, Recipes and Killer Quote

No tears but plenty of bitchiness on Come Dine SA this week.

It was always going to be a tough job to raise the bar again after the first two episodes of Come Dine SA but it did have Odwa on board to rile the folk on tiwtter.

Lisa very quickly wrapped the boys around her sexy little fingers and walked off with the winners prize while Odwa moaned, groaned and complained about everything.

We thought we were about to see some action when Jono finally began to lose it as he and Odwa exchanged words but we’re glad that it didn’t.

A guy having a go at a girl is not funny but he did produce the killer quote of the evening in reference to Odwa when he said, “Odwa is a one act play that no one’s going to watch.”


Come Dine SA’s next contestants: from left-right, Jono who is very chatty, Lisa who is rather flirty, Jack who is very laid-back and Odwa who is never happy.

Download the recipes at your peril but in all honesty some of them looked quite good, Lisa’s in particular.

Jonathan Lawson

Odwa Jenkins

Lisa Davis

Jack Gorton 

Which was your favourite menu & your favourite quote?


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