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Chicken Kiev Recipe | Marco Pierre White

This is a master class lesson with Marco Pierre White and a Chicken Kiev recipe.

Marco shows us how to joint the chicken, which is cheaper than buying pre cut pieces. Note how he keeps the wing bone which adds a neat touch. You don’t have to do it this way but it does stretch you a bit and improves your skill set.

Resting the chicken in the fridge once you have dusted and coated it with the flour, breadcrumbs and egg wash is important. Don’t skip that part if you are looking for the best results for your Chicken Kiev recipe.

When it comes to the mash there can only be one, Marco Pierre White’s Michelin Style Mash Potato Recipe

Chicken Kiev Recipe | Marco Pierre White

Serving: 6 | Prep: 30 min | Cooking: 10 min

Whole Chicken 1
Softened Unsalted Butter 250 g
Eggs 3
Chicken Stock Granules
Flour 500 g
Breadcrumbs 500 g
Sunflour Oil
Fresh Parsley 1 small bunch
Garlic Cloves 2

1 . If you have a whole chicken, joint it. Or better yet, buy the breasts
2 . For the Garlic Butter
3 . Chop the parsley
4 . Peel & crush the garlic with a little salt
5 . Mix it with the soft butter

For the Chicken
1 . Flatten the chicken supreme (little pieces on the underside of the breast) fillets with a heavy based pan
2 . Beat the eggs
3 . Season the flour with chicken stock granules (or salt & pepper)
4 . Open up the breast of the chicken
5 . Fill with the butter
6 . Close & lay the chicken supreme over the top
7 . Dust with the seasoned flour
8 . Dip in the egg wash
9 . Coat with the breadcrumbs
10 . Dip back in the egg wash
11 . Rest the chicken Kiev in the fridge for 1 hour

1 . Heat up some vegetable oil in a pan, enough to just cover the chicken
2 . Gently lower the chicken into the pan
3 . Cook for about five minutes depending on the size of your breasts (yes, I’m giggling)
4 . Drop in some parsley if you wish to serve with crispy parsley
5 . Carefully turn just over halfway
6 . Drain on paper towel

Chicken Kiev is traditionally believed to have originated in the Ukraine, in particular the city of Kiev (like you didn’t know that).
There is however a Russian food historian, William Pokhlebkin who claimed that Chicken Kiev was invented in the Moscow Merchants’ Club in the early 20th century, and was subsequently renamed Chicken Kiev by a Soviet restaurant.
More QI about Chicken Kiev is that it was the first ready made meal introduced to the UK by Marks & Spencer’s in 1976.

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