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Brandon Law reprimanded by Pete Goffe-Wood on MasterChef SA

Brandon Law is found guilty by Pete Goffe-Wood of using too much raw ginger in his White Chicken recipe.

The young MasterChef contender with shoulders the width of the Yangtze River has been kept pretty much in the shadows by the MasterChef producers throughout the series so far. They only let him out briefly in episode three when he declared that he wanted to win MasterChef more than Tom wants to eat Jerry along with some more embarrassing facts about his love for Manchester United.

They have finally released a Brandon Law recipe after the 4th episode of the show and revealed a little bit more about the softly yet determined spoken IT consultant from Johannesburg. Things might not be entirely plain sailing for the youngster as he reveals that Pete Goffe-Wood was not impressed with his White Chicken recipe saying that he had used too much ginger and it overpowered the rest of the elements of the meal.

His inspiration for the dish also had a bizarre origin as he recounted the story of his bed jumping escapades as a young boy. His judgement faltered back then too as he jumped off the bed and injured his foot on some lead. He was rushed to a doctor for fear of lead poisoning and on his return his mother made him this White Chicken recipe to assist in the healing process.

White Chicken Ginger Spring Onion Chinese Vegetables Recipe Brandon Law MasterChef 2012 ep 4


Youth might not be on his side as inexperience leads to basic errors of judgement when it comes to using some of the more potent flavour components in his MasterChef recipes. He has however used this as a learning experience and vowed not to over do it with the ginger again.

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