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Ultimate Braai Master

Billy Stanley keeps his head down on Ultimate Braai Master.

When personalities are clashing between team mates on Ultimate Braai Master, Billy Stanley opts to keep his head down.

In Ultimate Braai Master Episode Three, Billy Stanley found himself in the middle of an Oscar Foulkes power grab.

Roger Harris was the team leader and Oscar always wants to be the team leader, he cannot help it.

Billy tried to get involved in the team discussion when they were planning who would be doing what but had to play second fiddle to Oscar who was calling all the shots.

episode-3-ultimate-braai-master-billy-stanley-head-downBilly Stanley keeps his head down during the Table Bay Hotel Challenge.

Billy said, “It’s kind of nerve racking because all I can do is work, keep my head down and just carry straight on.”

“I dareĀ  not look at what the others are doing.”

“I don’t want to see mistakes, if I do it must just go past.”

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Billy and Oscar have two distinct strategies, Oscar’s is to dominate wherever possible while Billy’s is to stay beneath the radar and let his braai talents to the talking.

One problem that is surfacing with the Stoned Olives strategy so far is that it’s Ronel Theron who is the Braai Master and Billy is the Braai Buddy, yet it’s Billy who is stealing the limelight.

Every other Braai Buddy is always in the background, never to the fore, especially Oscar’s brother Christopher… but then does he really have much of a choice?

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