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Billy Stanley eats the kabeljou (cob) heart on Ultimate Braai Master

Experienced fisherman Billy Stanley excels in episode two of Ultimate Braai Master.

The Muisbosskerm challenge in Lambert’s Bay gave Billy Stanley (Stoned Olives) the perfect opportunity to show off his prowess when it comes to food harvested from the sea.

It was in fact a picture of Justin Bonello holding a ‘geelbek’ that inspired Billy and his partner Ronel Theron to enter Ultimate Braai Master.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-billy-stanley-cob-heart-1Billy Stanley is about to rise to the challenge

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-billy-stanley-cob-heart-2First you gently remove the heart from the carcass

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-billy-stanley-cob-heart-4Then you pop it in your mouth, we recommend a robust, full bodied red wine to go with it if you’re trying this at home.

Ultimate Braai Master Judge Bertus Basson was very impressed with Billy and commented on how well he was filleting the fresh fish compared to the other less experienced competitors.

He said, “Look how smooth and beautiful he took the hake off the bone.”

“Look how clean the bone is, you can see he’s done this a few times before and he’s used to working with gentle fish like hake.”

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-billy-stanley-fillet-fish-boneBertus Basson shows off the expertly filleted fish and a clean bone.

episode-2-ultimate-braai-master-billy-stanley-fillet-fishBilly Stanley at work with team leader Laertes Melidonis (Who Dares Wins), filleting the fish for the Muisbosskerm challenge.

Despite Billy and Laertes best efforts the two teams tied for a draw.

The two team leaders, Laertes and Oscar had to pick their most invaluable team member, Laertes naturally picked Billy while Oscar chose Warwick Thomas (Fat Cow).

They were exempt from the elimination challenge that followed the next day which saw Popeye and Olive eliminated from the competition.

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